Hi, I’m Kat.

I first picked up the tarot cards half a lifetime ago. It was not until I moved across the planet and finally found my home in Florida that I decided to read the cards for others and turn my passion into my livelihood.

I am guiding my clients through their, often complicated, relationships, and other life obstacles. With my Tarot and Oracle cards, I can see the current issues clearly and advise on how to handle challenging situations. So far, I was able to give guidance to people from all across the world in over 4000 readings (thanks to the magic of the internet) and support them on their life’s journey.

If you have already found your answers, but you are looking for deeper healing, I can assist you with a distance energy healing session. As a Reiki Master, I can help you rebalance the energies that help you on your soul’s journey through this lifetime. We have come to this earth, equipped with everything we need, but sometimes our experiences can leave us imbalanced. I am helping people from all over the world to get back into alignment with their soul’s mission.

It fills my heart with so much joy to help people on their path. There is nothing better than being able to support someone during a time of struggle, with something I love to do more than anything.

Enjoy my page and contact me if you have questions.

Golden Light Healing - xo Kat